The psychology of Music in everyday life


On a noisy corner


Music is a part of everyone's daily lives. On the radio, in the pub, as we shop even and even music we make ourselves. 

How does music influence us? Can it shape our emotions? Does music help us understand who we are?

I am one of many researchers exploring music in everyday life. On a noisy corner aims to bring together information, news and events exploring the psychology of how music has the impact it does for all of us in our daily lives.

Curated by Kate Wareham



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My music matters

In a parallel project to Depaul Unheard, in collaboration with Spotify and communications company Publicis, My Music Matters explored the music that young people turned to when they were homeless.

Music Listening Practices

A Cross Cultural Investigation into Music Listening Practices, in collaboration with universities across the globe.

Music listening amongst homeless young people

My research into homeless young people’s consumption of music.

The on a noisy corner blog

Ideas and musings from a PhD Music Psychology researcher.

News & Updates

What is the press saying about music psychology in everyday life?