Kate Wareham

Kate Wareham

Kate Wareham


I am fascinated about the role of music in normal, everyday lives. 

Having recently completed an MA in music psychology I am now embarked on a part-time PhD in music psychology at the University of Sheffield. 

In particular I am focussing on the role and uses of music listening in our day-to-day lives with a leaning towards exploring the act of music sharing and uses of music in social bonding. 

My MA dissertation focussed on the role of music listening in the lives of young people in crisis, partnering with Depaul UK, a homelessness charity. 

In addition to studying for a PhD I have a fundraising consultancy called Something Good and work with a range of clients including Depaul UK where I am interim Head of Public Fundraising. 

In my spare time I enjoy cycling, singing in choirs and sampling craft beers in local breweries.

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