Music detectives

Playlists for Life are a fantastic organisation who understand the power of music for people with dementia. They help people with dementia and their families to make playlists which help make living with dementia easier. They do this through fantastic resources, a brilliant app and, the best role ever, Music Detectives.

A music helps someone to discover a playlist. In the words of Playlists for Life, they ”learn how to use their knowledge of the person and their musical tastes to put together a potential playlist”. It’s a role for which Playlists for Life provide training and can be taken on by staff and/or family.


This is a lovely video about discovering a loved one’s favourite or most meaningful music. I find it amazing that the ability to play an instrument lasts long into dementia, even beyond other important skills like speech.

If you have a spare minute today, take a look at Playlists for Life. What a brilliant idea.